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Wash em or wear em?

May 23, 2014

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We’re headed to the beach for the weekend for some sunshine and relaxation, and have packed our favorite bikinis for the trip.

We’ve received a few inquiries on swimsuit care, particularly on whether or not swimsuits should be washed, and if so, how often. We’ve narrowed down a few basic guidelines that should be followed to ensure your swimsuits will remain beautiful for as long as possible!

Most importantly – don’t wash your swimsuit unless it’s absolutely necessary. Like your favorite jeans, swimsuits will lose their elasticity and color if over washed. The best way to wash it is a quick rinse after the pool or a dip in the ocean, so bring it right into the shower with you and rinse it off well.

If you feel it still needs a better wash, soak it in warm soapy water for about 20 minutes, and then rinse well. Never put your swimsuit in the washing machine, and if you do, do not wash it with towels which will erode the surface of your suit and cause pulling.

Wringing your swimsuit dry will stretch the fabric, erode the elastic, and make it fall down when you least expect it.

Just kidding – but you should never wring it dry as it will cause the elasticity in the fabric to lessen and create a saggier, ill-fitting look. Instead, gently squeeze it dry, and allow it to hang dry.

If you’ve spilled on your swimsuit, try to get as much of the surface stain off as possible. When you get home and change, place a small amount of baking soda on the spot for 15-20 minutes.

The most important rule? Rotate your swimsuits! The more you wear your suits, the more out of shape and worn out they will get. The elastic needs a little time to bounce back, so don’t rely on only one swimsuit! Purchase two of three and keep a rotation going, to keep your suits looking beautiful year after year!



Summer Trip Essentials

May 13, 2014

As are most people, one of the things I’m most looking forward to this summer is traveling, and whether its a day-cation or a stay-cation, a little time away from everyday life is a great thing. Packing for said trips, however, is usually not so great. We’ve rounded up some summer trip essentials to make your life a little easier and let you get to enjoying your trip!

The key to vacation fashion is easy comfort – you want to bring items that can be easily interchanged (thus allowing you to bring less with you), easily packed without wrinkling, and comfortable to wear.

Inside Coco Reef - Summer Essentials - 513

You’ll want a dress that is casual, but can also be dressed up, such as the Palmer Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress from Lilly Pulitzer. Its classic print allows you to keep that stylish look, while pairing it with wedges and a statement necklace make it perfect for a beachside dinner.

A tote bag is a must for any vacation – the right one will go great with any outfit as well as carry all of your essential items (phone, map, wallet, makeup, etc.). We’re loving this Vince Camuto ‘Jace’ Tote, with a very trendy perforated cutout on the sides. Ray-Ban Wayfarers are the perfect addition to any outfit, as they add a touch of classic style, and are available in a variety of colors to best complement your skin tone.

For breezy days, you’ll need a top that is the perfect combination of lightweight style, such as the Keeper Chambray Shirt from J.Crew. You can pair it with shorts, a maxi skirt, or even cutely tie it over a maxi drew to keep you warm and fashionable.  Toss on a pair of white shorts, and pair it with these Coach Chailey Sandals for an easy day look.

Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure you have a great coverup with you if you’ll be hitting the beaches. We’re obsessed with the Embroidered Mirrors Caftan, since it adds a touch of glam to your swim style.



What are your go-to vacation essentials? Let us know!

Beauty Fashion

Best Style Swimsuit for Your Body

May 8, 2014

When it comes to swimwear, finding the best style swimsuit for your body type is absolutely key. Whether you’re curvy, straight, pear shaped, or apple shaped, it’s important that you find a swimsuit that will flatter your figure and help you feel confident!

If you’ve got a straight figure, you can feign curves with a patterned or brightly colored print. Ruching at the bust creates the illusion of a larger bust, while hip details create a side curve! A halter style tankini will create the illusion of curves up top. We suggest: Grotto Snake Five Way Tankini and the Kenya Dot Mix Bountiful Bandini

Grotto Snake the Five Way Tankini Kenya Dot Mix Bountiful Bandini


If you’re curvy, you’ll want full cups to give you ultimate support! A high waisted bottom will elongate your body, and give you that supermodel length. However, don’t forget to get something with a little stretch – fabric without enough give will band into your skin and give the illusion of rolls where they aren’t. You want a swimsuit that looks smooth and comfortable. We suggest: Embroidered Mirrors Divine Power Bra or Solids High Waisted Bottom

Embroidered Mirrors Divine Power Bra Solids High Waisted Bottom



If you’re small on top, a top with underwire and/or cushioning will create the illusion of cleavage. Prints will add curves, especially zig zags, which are great for lengthening a small or short torso. Embellishments will also amp up your curves and draw attention upwards. We suggest: Brush Flower Halter Bra or Kenya Zig Zag One Shoulder Tankini

Kenya Zig Zag One Shoulder Tankini Brush Flower Halter Bra


If you’re busty, a top with thicker straps will be the perfect support that you’ll need. A built in shelf bra will hold you up, and removable cups will let you control the amount of cleavage you’ll show. We suggest: Color Blocked Spliced Halter Bra or Embroidered Mirrors Signature Twist Tankini

Color Blocked Solids Spliced Halter BraEmbroidered Mirrors Signature Twist Tankini


If you’re still unsure of the best fit for your body type, we’d be happy to help! Shoot an email to with your body type and any personal preferences and we’d be happy to make a recommendation!

Fashion Giveaways

Ultimate Swimsuit Design Contest!

April 28, 2014

Ever wondered what goes into creation of a great swimsuit? We’re offering one lucky winner the chance to work with our design team to create a custom swimsuit – just in time for Memorial Day and summer kickoff!

Enter on the form below – good luck!

As seen on, Free CenterLucky Contests, and! Our sweepstakes is listed on!

Lifestyle Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: Squat Challenge

March 12, 2014

Week 4 - Squat Challenge

We’re getting ready for the beach, and cannot wait for the sun to finally make itself a more permanent fixture in the sky! Warmer weather is on the way, and we’re working to make sure we’re ready for its arrival. Yesterday we started our squat challenge, and are inviting you to join in with us! Follow us on social media using #ReefSquatChallenge – we’ll be continually posting on our progress and keep each other going!

NOTE: I am in NO WAY a fitness professional. Please do not take my comments to be professionally backed, nor do I know what is best for every body. I am simply sharing my personal experiences with these workouts. If you are unsure if you should be doing a particular workout, please consult your doctor first.

Reef Week 4 - Squat Challenge

Tried this workout? Have another one you’d like us to try? Let us know!

Lifestyle Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: Bedtime Yoga

March 5, 2014

Bedtime Yoga

While it’s important to work on toning our bodies, we also need to remember to get enough good sleep – a night of restless, interrupted sleep doesn’t help anybody! Women’s Health Magazine offers this great bedtime yoga routine to help ease yourself into a better nights sleep. These simple moves can be done right in the comfort of your bed, without sweating. It’s a great way to give yourself a few minutes of ‘me time’ after a busy day at the office or running after the kids.

NOTE: I am in NO WAY a fitness professional. Please do not take my comments to be professionally backed, nor do I know what is best for every body. I am simply sharing my personal experiences with these workouts. If you are unsure if you should be doing a particular workout, please consult your doctor first.

 1-bedtime-yoga 2-bedtime-yoga 3-bedtime-yoga 4-bedtime-yoga 6-bedtime-yoga 7-bedtime-yoga 8-bedtime-yoga 9-bedtime-yoga 10-bedtime-yoga 11-bedtime-yoga 12-bedtime-yoga 13-bedtime-yoga

 Positives: It’s a workout for not only your body, but for your mind as well. A short meditation to open and close this routine (as well as the benefit of sleep afterwards) really allows you to center yourself, and helps relieve all the stress you’ve been holding in throughout the day. The moves are easy to do, and I love being able to do them in my pajamas, on my bed. The stretches stimulate you just enough to make you feel like you’ve been productive, but leave you feeling relaxed and ready for sleep.

Negatives: Some people might argue that this isn’t ‘intense’ enough of a workout. Other than that, I had no complaints. Your sleep cycle can also been interrupted by cell phones, televisions, and other electronic equipment, so if you’re still keeping these on, you might not get as great a night of sleep, regardless of doing the bedtime yoga routine.

Reaction: I find myself struggling to fall asleep a lot – I often feel tired and then once I hit my bed, am wide awake. These quick and easy moves definitely helped me avoid that wide awake feeling, and not only relaxed my mind, but helped to relieve some of the stress that builds up in my muscles throughout the day.

Overall: I’d give this a 9/10. It’s a great way to stretch your body in an atmosphere that’s comfortable and relaxing. It’s also nice that you can hold each stretch for as long as you like, as well as tailoring the routine to your own schedule, and head to bed whenever you feel tired!


Tried this workout? Have another one you’d like us to try? Let us know!

Lifestyle Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: Barre-tique

February 26, 2014

Reef Week 2

It’s week two of our Workout Wednesday series, and we’re heading to a Barre-Tique class over at Back Stage Studio to get a glimpse at what gives dancers such toned bodies. This workout will require a light weight and a stable bar or surface (think ballet studio bar). It’s a core-infused fitness class that brings together elements of dance, yoga, pilates, and stretching. It is not a dance class, but rather couples choreographed movements that are designed to burn cellulite and give you a long lean dancers body. This work out is great for those of us that HATE the gym and like low impact training with high impact results!

NOTE: I am in NO WAY a fitness professional. Please do not take my comments to be professionally backed, nor do I know what is best for every body. I am simply sharing my personal experiences with these workouts. If you are unsure if you should be doing a particular workout, please consult your doctor first.




Positives: A low impact structure with the same sore muscles as a high impact work-out. The next day you know your body has been challenged even though you didn’t spend the day at the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I say low impact because there is no jumping or running but it is still an intense work-out! Between the deep stretching and the slow controlled movements with a weight it definitely makes you sweat. In the end, if you love a work-out that you know is toning your muscles then this is for you (and me).

Negatives: Depending on your fitness level, I miss the high impact (walking, running) just a little. You are also VERY sore the next day(s), so make sure not to have a strenuous day planned after your work-out.

Reaction: Two days later, I’m still a little sore, which is a love/hate relationship.

Overall: I’d give this a 8/10. It’s a great workout to tone. I would recommend doing Barre-Tique two-three times a week.


Tried this workout? Have another one you’d like us to try? Let us know!

Lifestyle Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: Summer Shape Up

February 19, 2014

I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit to being a Pinterest junkie. In whatever free time I have, I often find myself perusing Pinterest and pinning dozens upon dozens of things I know I’ll never buy, make, eat, or do. I’ve got entire boards dedicated to the dream home I don’t own, the crafts I don’t have the time to make, and the foods I’ll never attempt to make in my tiny little kitchen. However, I am making an attempt to change that, and bringing you along for the ride. We’re getting in shape for summer, Pinterest style.

Every week, I’ll be delving into my Pinterest bank and giving an honest effort at one ten-minute or under workout. We’re all busy juggling work, social lives, and families, and none of us are willing to waste what little free time we have on something that isn’t beneficial. Consider me your internet filter, helping you find fun, quick workouts that actually make a difference.

NOTE: I am in NO WAY a fitness professional. Please do not take my comments to be professionally backed, nor do I know what is best for every body. I am simply sharing my personal experiences with these workouts. If you are unsure if you should be doing a particular workout, please consult your doctor first.

Workout Wednesday - Week 1

We’ll kick off this series with an eight-minute ab workout from Pumps & Iron. My best friend has always helped me do an 8-minute ab series, but after a while of doing the same routine, your body becomes too used to it, and the workout becomes less and less effective. I spotted this 8-Minute Abs, 2.0 and after noticing that they weren’t moves I’d tried yet, decided to give it a shot.   8 Minute Abs  

Positives: The graphics provided made the moves easy to understand and execute, even though they hadn’t necessarily been moves I’d done before. The workout moves at a great pace, changing up movements every 45 seconds, while the eight-minute timing makes it easy to do before work, before your nightly shower, or any other time you might have a few spare minutes. It’s also a prop-free workout, meaning I didn’t have to buy weights, a mat, or any other workout materials before starting.

Negatives: I did this on my wooden bedroom floor, so some of the ones that required me to be laying on my back hurt my spine a bit, which was more my own fault. As a result of an existing back injury, I had to refrain from the butt lifts, and substituted by doing an additional 30-second plank.

Overall: I’d give this a 6/10. There’s a good chance I wasn’t actually doing the moves correctly, since I didn’t feel as much as I felt I should’ve when I woke up this morning. I’m definitely not in shape, but the ab-burning morning-after feeling I’d been expecting was non-existent. Other than that, I felt like it was a really good workout, with the perfect way of switching it up every 45 seconds. I’d never realized how long 45 seconds can be, which made this workout feel like it was really making a difference. However, I’ll have to invest in a better stopwatch than my phone – it’s a pain to keep stopping and resetting my timer. Other than that, I loved not being completely out of breath, but still felt like I’d done a solid workout!


Tried this workout? Let us know what you think!

Beauty Fashion

Stressful Sizing – The Benefits of Perfection Fit

February 14, 2014

Searching for the right fit in a swimsuit can become the worlds biggest struggle. It’s something I never anticipate being difficult, and usually enter into the task feeling fairly optimistic. Six stores, at least twenty swimsuits, and zero purchases later, I’m completely shot. I’m frustrated, upset, and starting to think that there’s something abnormal about my body that doesn’t allow me to properly fit into the swimsuits in these general stores. They’re either running too big, or the straps are too snug, or making the upper half of my body look somewhat disproportionate. The simple task of getting a swimsuit for vacation has now turned into a complete debacle, leaving me less excited for my trip and more stressed about having nothing to wear on the beach.

Here’s a little background on me, to give you a clearer view on my struggles. I’m about 5’3″, somewhat petite in size, with a little bit of a curve. I’ve also got a long torso, so many of the one-pieces I’d have to buy as a kid were too snug, or if I went the next size up, too big. Matched swimsuit sets were another hassle, since then I’d have to buy two sets – one for the proper fitting top, another for the bottom – and ending up with two extra pieces. So you can understand why I’ve had such problems in the past.

Thankfully, Coco Reef (and our sister brand, Coco Rave) has come up with the perfect solution to the problems I’ve faced all too often – Bra-Sized Swimwear. Many of us don’t fit into tops that are sized Small, Medium, Large, etc., which can cause a massive disruption in fit. Perfection Fit swimsuits are fitted the same way your bra is, allowing you to find a more specific size, allowing for a more custom feel, without the custom price tag. Mix and match bottoms allow you to decide what leg line and style is best for your body shape, so you’ll never feel uncomfortable with something that’s not offering as much coverage as you’d like. Basically, they’ve done everything possible to help you look and feel your best in and out of the water.

I could go on and on about the benefits of bra-sized swimwear, but honestly, you’ll need to try it to understand my enthusiasm. Every suit feels as though it’s been perfectly fitted to your body, solely by offering a better fit and more accurate sizing structure.

We all want to look and feel our best on a daily basis – why should it be any different when it comes to swimwear?

Perfection Fit Sizing

 Have you had a great experience with our Perfection Fit suits? Tell us your story!

Beauty Fashion Giveaways

Warm up with a new swimsuit!

January 28, 2014

There’s nothing like an icy, snowy January day to kickstart a plan for a summer getaway. The snow hits the ground, and while it’s absolutely beautiful, it reminds us of our innate need for the warming glow of sunshine. Two clicks later, and you find yourself booking a vacation to a tropical island, and making mental notes of all the things you’ll need to bring with you. Time to tuck away those snow boots and ski goggles – it’s swimsuit season.

Granted, it is only just about February, but many of us have already started our hunt for the ever-elusive ‘perfect swimsuit.’ We’re checking magazines for ideas, casually browsing while at local stores, and asking friends where they’re thinking of looking this year. Every woman wants that suit that makes her feel fabulous and glamorous all in one, while fitting her specific shape perfectly. We’ve come to realize that this is no easy task. Good thing we started our search early this year.

Inside Coco Reef

Lucky for you, The Fabulous Won‘s Jamie had the same idea. We’ve decided to help her out, and to give you all that last little push of motivation to get you through these bitterly cold days. While you’re layering up to battle the cold, we’re giving one lucky winner her choice of swimsuit to thaw out in this summer. So while you’re warming up next to the fire, let your mind wander to a sunnier place, and start thinking about which Coco Reef swimsuit you’d want to be seen luxuriously lounging in!

Whether you’ve been dreaming of our tropical and colorful Grotto Snake Collection or our stylish and sophisticated Mirrors Collection, this is the perfect opportunity to express your style and create a combo that is uniquely you!

To enter, visit The Fabulous Won’s contest page (complete with a comprehensive review of  Swimwear Anywhere), and submit the form for your chance to win! Get searching, ladies – you only have until Sunday, February 2 to enter!