Shopping for Bra-Sized Swimwear

October 16, 2015
Shopping for Bra-Sized Swimwear? Here’s what you need to know: 
Whether you’re lounging on the beach or enjoying some poolside relaxation, you want to look beautiful in your swimwear. Unfortunately, finding a flattering, well-fitted swimsuit isn’t always easy, especially for exceptionally busty or even, plus-size women. Every woman has similar internal monologues while swimsuit shopping: Will this swimsuit give me adequate support? Will it show off my figure while giving me decent coverage? Does this swimsuit support me enough to surf the waves, play a game of beach volleyball, and lounge in my chair? Ladies, we know your struggle, and you’re not alone.
Prioritize a Good Fit over a Flashy Little Number
When shopping for large-breast swimwear, it’s important to look beyond the swimsuit’s appearance. While stringy bikinis, and barely there swimwear is completely on trend right now, it doesn’t support those of us who are well-endowed. However, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. A charming patterned tankini may be the perfect piece for you, or a monochromatic one piece might embody your personal style. If showing off your curves is your go-to, the dynamic five-way bra is for you. These suits are equally beautiful as they are functional. Bra-sized swimwear is worth the investment. Never again will you suffer from unflattering, under supported, and impractical swimsuit tops.
What’s your Body Type?
Whether you have a small chest or you have a large chest, you have an athletic build or you’re curvy in all the right places, every body type can benefit from bra-sized swimwear. With all different levels of coverage, you’ll find the perfect swimsuit to fit your needs.
Designed with YOU in Mind 
Bra sized swimsuits from Coco Reef come in a wide variety of stylish designs including tankinis, bandeau tankinis, one pieces, and bra-sized bikinis that are easily paired with colorful, trendy bottoms and stylish cover ups.
For busty women, details are key. Underwires and molded cups for extra oomph, thick and adjustable straps for extreme comfort, and wider strips of fabric beneath the bust for more reliable coverage and stronger support make for a perfectly sculpted for you, swimsuit. A front zipper allows you to control the amount of cleavage you’re showing off, as well as additional reinforcement.
If you’re wearing a bikini, you can take some attention away from your chest by selecting a bikini bottom that catches the eye; for instance, you can wear a bottom with a wide band at the waist or a cute skirt.
Get bra size bikinis in a variety of eye-catching colors and prints that exude smart and sexy style.
Colors and Patterns, galore! 
Get bra size bikinis in a variety of eye-catching colors and prints that exude sexy and confident style. Certain colors and patterns can enhance your figure, giving your body more symmetry, a better sense of proportion, and an appearance that’s more smooth. Go ahead and rock that one-piece, a pattern of vertical stripes will make your bust and the rest of your figure lithe.
Certain color patterns are more flattering than others. Darker colors smooth allover, and a ruffle mixed with an eye-catching print can draw attention away from your chest. Color-blocking can help to accentuate your hips and waist while taking attention away from your chest.
Be sure to look through our extensive collection of beautiful and comfortable swimwear. Our tops, bottoms, tankinis, and one-piece suits are designed to fit you with precision and make your body look its best.