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How To Tie A Sarong Cover Up

January 7, 2020

Heading on a tropical getaway? Don’t forget to pack the most versatile resort-ready piece, a sarong! Whether worn as a dress or wrapped as a skirt, sarongs are one of the most convertible pieces you can add to your warm-weather wardrobe. Sarongs are a great accessory as they pair well with a sexy bra sized bikini or a slimming one piece swimsuit. Add your sarong to your favorite Coco Reef swimsuit for a quintessential beach look that looks effortlessly chic. 

What is a sarong? A sarong is a piece of lightweight fabric that can be tied and worn in a variety of ways. This piece is easily packed away and can be taken with you wherever you go. This piece of fabric is made to be worn over a swimsuit for a beach cover up that’s stylish and timeless. Coco Reef has designed a few sarongs in a variety of prints and colors to suit your unique style. The sarong can also be worn as a layering piece when you want to cover up from the beach to the bar, from the pool through the resort and back again. It’s perfect resort appropriate attire and a great option for the hottest island days. 

Versatility is key with a sarong. Not only is it flattering on every body type and height – but it’s appropriate to wear for nearly any beachside activity. It’s lightweight and comfortable while remaining timelessly chic. While there’s no wrong way to wear your sarong, we have a few easily adjustable options to try. 


Simple Side Knot 

Hold the sarong at the back of your waist and bring both ends together and tie a knot. Leave the knot at the side or move to the front for a sexy look. To make a shorter sarong skirt, fold the sarong in half before tying around your waist. 

Halter Dress

Hold your sarong horizontally at the endpoints behind your back at chest level. Create a halter look by bringing each side under your arms and to the front. Cross the sarong over your chest and tie the ends together at the base of your neck as loosely or as tightly as desired. 

One Shoulder 

Similar to the side knot technique, hold the corners of the sarong horizontally and bring forward under your arms. Cross the two ends under one arm and pull over the shoulder to tie the two ends together. This will create an open slit at the side. Wear open as a dress OR tie the bottom points together and tuck the excess under for a one-shoulder tied top.


Starting the same way, hold the sarong behind your back and tie the two ends in a knot at the nape of your neck to create a shawl-like kimono. Wear open for a bohemian, flirty look. If you want more coverage, tie the bottom points together and fold the excess under to create a tie front top look. 

Bandeau Dress

For an easy, chic way to tie your sarong, start with the sarong at your back and bring the front under your arms and tie into a knot. Move the knot from the front to the side or the back for a more streamlined look. Opt for a bandeau tie front top by tucking the excess under and taking the bottom points and tying together. Make as long or as short as you’d like for coverage you’re comfortable with.